Irema Kagura Edit

Irema Kagura
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Irema Kagura is a female student attending UA Academy, currently training to become a pro hero.

Appearance Edit

Standing at 162cm, Irema has an ectomorph body type with pale skin. In addition, she has yellow eyes and long, purple hair with a shaved side to the viewer's right.

In terms of her clothing, she is usually found with a grey knitted coat and a simple black shirt, with regular jeans and grey hi-tops. In UA, she wears the standard uniform with the same hi-tops.

Personality Edit

Irema is a very blunt person, often telling people exactly what she thinks. However, she never intends to harm people with her words, and can be sarcastic and let loose when things aren't too serious.

Furthermore, Irema is quite intelligent and crafty, often getting lost in her thoughts whilst coming up with strategies and answers. If someone were to disrupt her thoughts, Irema would get quite ticked off with the offender.

In battle, she would not hesitate to rescue someone in harm's way, yet she knows her limits. When Irema knows that she has reached them, she will attempt to stall out her opponent until she can think of a new strategy to reach said person. If she is unable to come up with a plan, she will hesitantly exit the battle and seek assistance.

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